Mancandy on a box Animation

Hi ladies and gents,

I’ve been working on this animation for the past month or so, out of the month, I’d say I worked on it 5 of those days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mancandy on a box on youtube

Let me know what you think. I know the animation is a little choppy at times, but this is tuff stuff!!

awesome - I love seeing what trouble Mancandy gets himself into

you have some really nice movement in parts (the stretching is great :slight_smile: )

here are a few crits -
-we need to see that MC is on a tall box sooner - cos we can’t tell until he jumps

-The walk cycle looks weird
I think it’s because the stride might be too big which makes his down pose look awkward

-and the timing is really slow in the forward roll (unless you wanted it to go into slo-mo)

-plus you have twinning on the arms (the move at exactly the same time)

also don’t be afraid to use FK on the arms - it’s harder to pose but the results are much nicer

but keep it up man!

Hey Thanks waylow,

This actually started off as a walk cycle, then it turned into a walkcycle on a box, etc…But I see what your saying. I did use a lot of ‘twinning’ cuz it was easier to manage keyframes. The jumping part was actually super slow when i started off, and the rolling part was slower too. But I trimmed it down, I guess I can see the rolling part as slow now. I did use fk in the arms mostly during the rolling. But yea, this was my first animation that consisted of more than a walkcycle. My next one should be more polished and hopefully incorporate more principles.

keep em coming