mancandy short animation

I recently tried to animate mancandy. This is one of my first times animating because i could never rig my person well that animating was easy.

So please crit on everything i could do to make it better. The camera is really messed up… I am not very good with controlling the camera and was not sure where to place it.For some odd reason after i animated it for the first time and pressed play, the left arm lost all animation. I am not sure why this happened. If anyone has any idea on how that happened, please let me know.

I never really looked hard on sound but i just wanted something that can fill in the blank emptyness. I tried to find footsteps but i could not find any footsteps that could be in sync.

Also, try not to worry to much about the facial expressions. I could not close the mouth for some reason^^.

I tried to import the blend file but it is too big to upload.

The run cycle was pretty smooth and convincing. I’d like to see more.

For the camera you might want to constrain it with a “track to” constraint and mancandy’s root bone as the target. I’m not sure what happened with the arm; if you wanted help perhaps you could post the .blend file.


Ya, i should try using the track to with root bone. I would post the blend but the file is to big. And i am not sure how to use one of those websites where i can put the file on there.

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