Mancandy Variations and finished fun stuff!

Well, i know your still getting over the first topic of this kind, but i thought now was time to post some of my renders i been having a play around with mancandy!
Now, first off,
Before the last topic was covered in posts non related to what i am posting so, i am asking that posts should be about what i am posting, if you have complaints about mancandy please do them somewhere else!
Mancandy Spider WIP - Still really working on it but its near that,

This uses the Model from the dude whos rigs got posted on recently!
simple scene, mancandy running away from this “spider”
Mancandy Fluid Fun Mancandy Mowhawk Hair, this one really didnt turn out as well (mainly lighting issues really) Mancandy Weights - This is still being really worked on but i got this so far! Mancandy Hair Fun (i cant remember if i’ve already shown this) Mancandy Glasses! - once again nothing worked out well here but im pleased with some of the result!
If there is anymore i will chuck them here!


…Hello again, Man-candy manager. Welcome back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. :wink:

Can we se an animation? that would be so dope…

okay its a been while since my last renders, here is two more.
First up is the Mancandy Spider Render, it was finished a few days maybe a couple of weeks ago and put the final touches on it ie composite,

and the last one for now!
is a render i did completely for fun, This was purely fun to do, and ya, i quite like it myself :slight_smile:
hopefully have another strip of mancandy renders in the future!

on your fluid sim ones, you should really consider increasing the resolution by a LOT!
on the ones with AO you should tone down the graininess by increasing samples and decreasing distance to something like 3 or 4
cool mo-hawk

Jeepsty, i would but the render times would creep up and yeah i dont think the computer would handle it!

ooooh. ok… (Jeepster waits for high res anyway)
you should make your own rig some day :stuck_out_tongue:

For all you Phantom of the Opera Fans, im here to butcher it!
Mancandy of the Opera!

Its been a while since ive posted some work for this topic and i have three, yes 3 not free, renders
v2.1 Rig and
Crapped out 2.0pre rig

Like that one a lot.