Mancandy Walk Cycle

I started my first walk cycle, but for some reason I can’t get it seamless. The last pose is the same as the first, but the second from last and last poses don’t blend together well. You can see this as the ‘pop’ after every cycle in the video. C & C welcome.

635 kb Xvid

not bad at all! the only thing i can crit is at certain points he jerks. but other than that you’re on a road to victory!

I just don’t understand why the cycle isn’t perfectly symmetrical, it should run smoothly. Here is the .blend so far.

4 MB

Perhaps I made a mistake somehow while mirroring the poses…

From the vid, It looks like it’s the torso that’s popping.back at the last frame. Maybe replace the last key on the torso. I tried to download your blend file but I got a server error.

Re-keyed the torso a bit on the last frame of the cycle. The shoulders and hips kind of snap back and forth, but that’s my fault. The snapping of the arms can be fixed by more tweaking of the animation, but look at how the feet pop forward…:frowning:

625 kb

[Edit] Here’s an orthographic side view of the semi-corrected walk.

638 kb

Yeah overall it works. Make sure you copy the poses.
I would raise the hips up and down some more.

‘Roll’ the arms as they swing forward, so the elbow is in front of the hand.