ManCandy walk-cylce problem


I’m having this weird problem when creating the walk cycle for the mancandy rig 2.0 using the NLA editor.

The walk cycle is okay in the first two steps, that is the base for the walk cycle.

But in the subsequent repetitions the mancandy gets weird distortions. tried setting the offset bone to torso and the foot bones. All gave the same error. I also tried toggling with the Use x y z buttons. Also, I tried auto blending (I’m not exactly sure what it is for).

Can anyone help me out on this?



it looks like the mesh is moving without the armature

i get that sorta look when i move my models away from the armature… there are no keys for movement on the mesh opposed to the armature is there?

Yes my friend, click the mesh and see the Action Editor. I am quite sure there are some keys for the mesh ( which is wrong ). If you see the keys, delete all of them, delete the action as well. Before deleting keys or the Action, make sure that only the Mesh of Mancandy is selected.

Have a look here, this may explain the problem:

Can you tell us what version of blender and what version of mancandy are you using? Different versions of mancandy only work with certain versions of blender…


Maybe a link problem.

Thanks Guys,

The animation works perfectly in bender 2.45. But everything just warps around in 2.49b and 2.54beta (which is unfortunate…all those useless hours I spent trying to figure things out…:rolleyes:).

The rig adaptation by Wayne Dixon works nicely in 2.54 beta (so far…touch wood)

Thanks for your help.:slight_smile: