Mancanfy FAQ glitch

This may be a really old question but I only recently needed to ask it.

I started watching the Mancandy FAQ DVD and have been following along in the tutorial creating my own animation with the raw mancandy blend. On the walkcycle part 5 section which goes over converting actions to NLA strips and continuing the walkcycle I followed the tutorials instructions exactly. However after scaling and repeating the strip and using the torso bone as an offset a strange thing occurs. On the first nla division of the walkcycle, he walks normally as shown in the first attached image. However as he enters the second NLA division of the walkcycle his arms and legs go whacko and he turns purple as can be seen in the second attached image. As he continues to walk his arms and legs eventually revert to their normal spots although he is still purple as in the third attached image.

Can anybody tell me what the heck is going on I cant figure it out for the life of me.