Manchurian Candidate - WIP

In an effort to improve my work I would like to get some feedback on this image I did for this weekend’s challenge. I would have posted it in the WIP section earlier, but I didn’t really have time to before the contest began.

The scene is based on some imagery in the original Manchurian Candidate movie from 1962, one of my favorite movies. Thanks for any feeback.


Nice image, I really like the scuff marks you have in the wood of the desk.

Few crits: I think you need something going on in the other room, right now it looks like the door opens to a flat wall. Maybe just some shading so we know there’s some depth. Based on the angle, I think we should be able to see some thickness to the doorway wall since the door is open.

Maybe some smudges or fog on mirror would add to the realism.

It looks good, good composition.

I’ve never seen that movie, whats the significance of all the queens?

zbgump: Thanks for the comments, I agree about the door and hallway. That was my least favorite part of the image. I also hate that I forgot the door latch, I’ll have to fix that also.

The main characters were brainwashed to coduct (making a long story short) an assasination of the president (Arthur on the campaign button) to put the vice president in power (Iselin). The Queen of Diamonds was the second trigger to put the brainwashewde characters in a trance to receive instructions. These were usually given over the phone, seen here in the far corner.

Nice deck of cards and nice button, I don’t really mind the door but you might want to put in a little floor behind it to make it look like there’s an actual hallway.

lol I actually had to do a report on this film for history. Relating it to the cold war period, red scare, McCarthy, etc. piece of cake since it was almost a parody, though it did address real fears.

I do have a couple of suggestions for the image though. I like the composition, but the lighting need work IMO. right now, its really flat, as if you lit with just AO. more directional, focused lighting would help the picture. A little color in the light would probably help as well. I also suggest a defined lightsource, a lamp of some kind. Sometimes it helps to see where the light is coming from.

Anyways, those are my suggestions.