Hello everyone ! I am new here, my name is Elie BERTHOUMIEU, I am French and I have been using Blender for almost 13 years now. So I had to join this forum !
For my first post here, let me show you my boba fett project. I took some liberties, especially on the pants, the shoes, the jetpack and the textures of the clothes. I’m really not used to making characters so please be indulgent !

I’m waiting for your feedbacks and your advices !
Thanks for your attention !


I like him, he definitely looks like star wars.

I might advise you to make the top of your brest plate a bit wider over top of the bottom one to make it look less boxy and give it some over lap.

The pants look great, although the belt looks like it’s sitting too high on the hips

The pants look like they have the same color and tonality as the shirt. You might make one of the two darker to give it contrast. Other than those minor fixes he looks really awesome.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your answer Kaylee Jacobs !!
I will take your reviews in the future ! Your comments are constructive :slight_smile:

Other renderings for you ! Take care of yourself.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

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Thank you very much bartv !! Merry christmas you too ! :smiley:

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