Mandalorian Helmet

I’ve recently finished modelling (in Blender) and texturing (in Substance Painter) my Mandalorian helmet model. I’m very satisfied with the finale model but I’m still wondering what I could do/add/change to make it look better. I was mainly inspired by Mandalorian TV show but I didn’t make it 100% accurate. On one side I’ve added view-finder (the part above the helmet- have no idea how to call it) and speaker. I feel like speaker doesn’t make a lot of sens placed on the helmet but I really wanted to make the other side of it look different from the opposite. I would love to hear what do you think of this model and what i could do or add do make it look better. :smiley:

I also add link to my Sketchfab profile where I’ve posted the model:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I think this helmet lacks some curved shapes + helmet can be a bit more glossy.

without hdr it really looks ‘dead’, add it :slight_smile:

Well, mainly i was asking in context of model itself. Either if I should change some add-on’s on sides of the helmet or change texturing but fair point about glossiness. I made few versions of different glossiness amount.

Thank’s for the tip about hdr it really looks better, have no idea why i didn’t do that on the first shot :slight_smile:

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But now with hdr and glossiness it looks really nice (especially last 2 pics).
I think when you add such things, it really helps you to see what’s wrong with the model :slight_smile:

P. S. Can you also leave me your feedback on my latest work?

I’d be glad to see you there!