Hello i try to make a photrealistic mandarine for the cgsphere site.
Now,well, i want some c&c , and a little help , from you. tell my what is wrong or what y can improve. Dont hesitate copy it in “gimp or PS” and tell my what you think.(visually??)
And try to explain what you mean,and try to tell a sollution to.(bad english,y know)
Come on.

I like the orange skin it looks very good and realistic. You just have to reduce the spotty effect to make it perfect. The green stick coming out of the top looks unreal and plastic like. The leaf is way to shiny.
The peel looks like it is broken off which is totally unrealistic. You need to make it ripped off. Get a real mandarin and peel one side off to see how it looks.
The Mandarine itself needs the most work. It just doesn’t look like anything I would like to eat. It also needs to be more translucent. Try some SSS since a mandarine has some heavy SSS.
Good work and keep going.

it looks all dried out like someone left it standing there for a week. The inside should be shinier i think. And squish it down a little, it’s to round. Hte peeling is nice except for the pink spots…and maybe add some AO, that’s always nice :smiley: