Mandrake Linux

I’ve gotten sick and tired of Windows and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mandrake Linux, so I was wondering if anybody else here has it and how good is it? Also, was it easy to install?

Thanks for any feedback!

I used it in the past, didn’t personally like it. It had too many automated things were you lost control (like windows), so thus it wasn’t powerfull enough for me. Also many of those automations made the system run slower and more buggy. :frowning:
But im not really sure of the status of it anymore, seems like its a popular first linux since its not supper scary.
Back to my command line.
011001100111010101101110 (fun)
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally have never had a good experience with the Mandrake install (it kept segfaulting - for days and days on end). So I downloaded an ISO image of Slackware and found a 1-disk boot disk for it. Installs like a dream (that is, no errors), but it’s not the easiest one to work with (you’re going to be editing a lot of config files :stuck_out_tongue: ). You may also want to try some other “easy” ones like RedHat or SuSe, if Slackware intimidates you.
Here are tons of ISO images:

I have mandrake :slight_smile: its nice and all but can be a pain sometimes, but easy to install!

That’s strange, Mandrake install like a dream for my Nephews, I admit it’s not the fastest operation systom, but it’s very easy to install, as well as the hardware. Debian is too hard so stay away from it. Anyways, comes with lots of cool screensavors, moviX, some few games, GL Tron, frozen bubble and that brick breaker game are the best, I think it comes with Tux Racer too.

If you installing the 686I version on a 586 you would need a patch.

I use Mandrake 8.1 as my primary OS. I installed only CD 1 over a year ago and never looked back.

You used to be able to download extra packages (from the other 2 cds) as required, but now 8.1 has been dropped, I compile stuff from source.

I haven’t had any problems with it (at least nothing I couldn’t handle… 8)

Hey thanks a lot for the comments everybody!

Luckily I found an FTP server that I’m downloading from at 607 kB/s, so it only takes about 15-20 minutes to download each Mandrake disc. I’ve already got the first 2 burnt, and I’m half-way done downloading the third one right now. I don’t think I need the third one though since it’s only for internationalization, but oh well… :expressionless:

I think I’m gonna like this… :smiley:

unless your ready to really dig in and face many problems, learn lots of new things and know plenty about computers, don’t get linux.

it’s incredibly complex and no matter how goodl you think you are with computers, be ready to fall to your knees.

once you get it running and you’ve spent a few monthes with it, you’ll understand the satisfaction that comes from learning how to use a computer all over again.

and you do need the 3rd disc. it has developmetn libraries that you’ll need when you go to compile drivers/software etc.

becasue you are going to need to… :<

open xchat and goto freenode server, then join the “mandrake” channel if you need help, they also have a linux channel.

Just remember, it should work fast if you keep the stuff in the OS limited, if you add more and more it will affect the performance.

Hey I’m posting this from the Mandrake Linux OS and everything so far seems really awesome! The installation was flawless and everything appears to be working correctly.

Thanks for all the advice! :smiley: :smiley: