Mandrake or Red Hat? + how to install

Hi people, i know a similar question has been asked before (which Linux is best) and the answer is alwas either Mandrake or Red Hat. Well I’ve got legal versions of both but I don’t know which to install. I’ve never used Linux before, coming from a purely windows background, so which do you lot think would be best for me?

Also another question, I want to dual-boot linux with Windows ME. I know the normal way to do this is to create a second partition on the primary drive and install linux there. But im running out of space on the primary hard disk so I was wondering can I install it on the secondary hard disk and dual boot from there?

If not, I’ve got the full version of Partition Magic, but is that compatable with linux? And do I need to install any special software to give me a choice of operating systems when the computer boots up?

Cheers for your help,

Keith. 8)


I recommend Mandrake myself. I hear RedHat can be major pain in the neck… I’m running Mandrake 10.0 Community ATM and it works pretty well.

Yes you can boot of of a secondary HD. Same goes for partitions - the Linux installer (in Mandrake, anyway…) can use any partition to install on as long as it’s large enough.

Good luck!

Hi !

I don’t know if you have seen my topic about Linux, here.
I have wasted two full weeks trying various distributions of Linux : Suse 9.0, Fedora Core 2, and Mandrake 10.

All these distrib of linux are slower than Windows XP for Blender rendering on my Pentium 4 -2GHz, with 768MB of RAM !

If you are talking of a dual boot, You have Windows, and the reason you want to install Linux is not (I think) free licence , so I’am afraid you’ll don’t have advantage to use Linux…

You could try to use BlenderIntel version, Made By Antares.

Birras (Thank you again Birras for the info!) sent me this precious link :

On my computer, Blenderintel is 1.68 x faster than the original version of blender.


I personally use Mandrake 9.1. I tried Mandrake 10, but I found that they had made it too user-friendly. Although I have never personally used Red Hat, I have heard that it likes using GNOME, and I highly prefer KDE. In answer to ROUBAL, yes, KDE can tend to be a bit slow. I have found, though, that if one uses IceWM, it works much faster.

Welcome to the Linux ( almost) user community

The GOOD thing about LINUX, Mandrake and almost all the others, its that you always have LEGAL COPYS even if you “pirate” them
It’s even recomended: copy and distribute them :slight_smile:
It’s a system where people SHARE theyre work with other people

To me Mandrake it’s the best choice for a begginer
Easy to install and easy to use
The install process can do the partition work for you, a second HD is a good choice, just choose the desired option in the partitions screen ( personal partition I guess, not the automatic)
The second HD it’ll be the “hdb” one
Create two partitions: A swap one, the same amount as your memory and the rest of the disk it’ll be the root one “/”
Choose KDE as the desktop ( default I guess) and you’ll have a Windows like more powerful and top-eye-candy
Once you’re used to the Linux OS you can discover the hiden jewels ( WindowMaker or Fluxbox, ROX and others)