Manga Animation Project!

Im starting to experiment with a manga style character leading to a animation. I have always wanted to be able to create a manga style animation in blender. This is a quick experiment which took about 1hr. Please say what you think!

Also if anyone has any tips on how to do the eyes it would be really appreciated!
Thanks :smiley:

So far you have a good start on the head. The hair, however, needs work. It’s messy and it’s all over the place. Normally, when it comes to creating hair for a anime or manga character, detail to see the strands isn’t necessary.

For example, this character I made gives it a much settled look and since I used planes for this hairstyle, it won’t take a long time to render it compared to using particles. So once again, the bust is nice, but you need to tame that hair!

Okay Thanks will give it a go!

Thanks For the tip, Managed to make his hair as a mesh, What do you think?Also dose anyone have any tips on creating manga style eyes??


As I said on the other thread that you posted, I’ll create a tutorial on how I make my anime like characters. For the hair, it looks good so far. Can you post a frontal mug shot? I like to try and see it from different angles.

Hey that would be great! He is the front render with eyes!

Better eyes

I can tell that there’s a difference in the eyes. The hair looks great so far.

Well, I tried to make a tutorial today on the first steps making the face, but the entire thing was de-synced and I really didn’t feel like starting over. So I’ll continue making the character. But the next character I make, I will make a step by step still tutorial.

When you have finished XeroShadow could you message me some renders of the character :smiley: Would love to see how you do it!
Anyway heres a very quick update on my character!

And the wireframe:

Tell me what you think!