Manga boy (starting)

Hello everybody.
As I said in one of my messages, I wanted to model a 3D manga character so I created a model sheet to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone wants to use it, please use it, I don’t mind because I love to share. ^^

Let’s see now how I can make this, because for example I don’t know if I should make the hair with polygons or particles…:rolleyes:
And I’m not sure also about how to create the eyes and the retopology of my old models is a bit bad… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, here’s the character sheet.

Regards, Daniel.


Wow. Although you haven’t posted any work - so technically not in progress - I do appreciate the fact you posted this character sheet. Its hard to get by this kind of charactersheets for manga figures and can be helpful for a lot of people.

Personally I like polygon hair for manga/cartoon type based characters. You can achieve very good results with it but as I know myself it takes some practice. Depending if you wanna use freestyle polygon is maybe a smarter way. I always find particles gives an animated character a more realistic appearance. Thats not bad but depends on wath next step you have in mind. If like to hear others on my viewpoints.

Well, to me is work in progress because I made the character sheet… hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought in the same way than you, because I saw lots of character sheets but not about manga style.

And I think that I’m going to work with polygons to make the hair, thank you so much for the advice. ^^

I don’t understand the retopology part…
-Are you planning to sculpt him and then retop.?(in my opinion something like box modeling would be enough)
-or retop. one of your older models?(cheating! :D)
I probably understood that wrong so please don’t get angry on me :smiley:

Haha,don’t worry swift502. ^^

I think that I had a mistake with the terminology, I wanted to say that my weak part is how to build the polygons so when you animate the model you don’t have problems with the mesh and it’s optimization.

Sorry and thank you for your reply. :stuck_out_tongue: