Manga Character

I started this model mainly to try to learn how to do correct faceloops (didn’t succed, I have at least 2 tri’s there :expressionless: ). but I kind’a like the way it came out so I’ll work on it some more.

Maby I’ll use this (when its compleated) for some sort of manga (there is a big manga competition going on here in sweden at the moment, and maby I’ll participate - need a good storyline first).
Anyway, I’d love some c&c

Well it already looks rather impressive! You’ve caught that manga/anime look and all. The only obvious thing which looks off is the hair separating at the middle of his head. The inside of his hair looks a bit too shiny too, I’m no good at particles so I can’t help you on how to get either of the problems fixed though, sorry ^^

Anyways, splendid work so far and good luck in the contest!

Really impresive work ! Well done . If you need some help with particles
you can download the Static particle fur library from here if you still haven’t downloaded it

Did you use any reference pictures by the way?

even for a manga, the eyes look too far apart, try bringing them a little closer and it should look fine. Everything else is good so far!

Update! Worked some more at the eyes, moved them closer together and gave them a better form.

Been thinking 'bout the hair, fixed the shinyness and strange center problems (I hope…). But what about the color? here’s some suggestions, tell me what you think!
Been working at a body too, but I don’t know what kind of character/what setting I want yet.
Maby I’ll go with something like Halo/Red faction/Spirits within. Big, bulky armor…

ofcource! My scanner doesn’t work yet, so I just googled some…
Decided to go for my own approach after a while.

Ok, new Update!
The body didn’t turn out to be any armor… Anyway, this is how far I’ve gotten now. I’m going to bed now so I’ll continue some other day.
Dont know 'bout the material at the skirt…

O.O It’s a gal!?

I haven’t decided yet… If I look at it and think of it as a girl, it looks like a girl but if I look at it and think of it as a guy, it looks like a guy.
Anyway, here’s the alternative:

Alright, just had to get that out before commenting.

If you’re gonna make a boy out of him the first color haircolor was good. Also, if you’re gonna make a boy out of him the skirt/shirt color suits well.

From front view and perspective he seems to have a bit too much of a ratnose, you might wanna have a look at that (it’s not there in sideview though).

More about the hair, it appears that no hair is grown out from the back of his head, only the top. I’d go for adding some more hair there.

Also, I’d vote for a couple more lamps from some more angles for smoother viewing.

Definitely concur with the no hair coming from the back of the head. Would also be nice to see the hair as if falls or is pulled back around the ears. So perhaps work on that some time soon.

Colors for hair: (Universal Colors: Brown, Black, Blonde, Red)
Boy: Light Blue, Red, Green, Orange
Girl: Pink, Purple, Green, Teal

Nose fixed. Hair fixed. Continued to work on body.

I’ve decided that there will be both a boy and a girl, they will be twins :smiley: .
I think that the blonde hair is good for the boy.

I think so too, but I just haven’t got a clue how to do that. As far as I know there is no way of controlling the hair. I tried Deflectors… They where strange, worked great with normal particles, but the z-pos got inverted or something when I tried it with hair.

Ok, haven’t worked on it for some days, but here’s an update. The shoes are REALY crappy modeled (I got tired…) i even got this error message (does anybody know what it means?):
Anyway, here’s the model. I’ll start rinngin now if there’s nothing to fix (I Know he needs textures, but that’s soo boring).

He looks amazing. How have you created the hair.

I don’t think the hair quite works. I think the card method should be used for a manga character. It looks kind of like a carpet rather than manga hair. Otherwise the modeling is topnotch!

The hair was created using the new static particles but I will try the card methond too womball.
My dad thinks the hands look to flat, and I have to agree, I’ll work on that too.

Ok, here’s an alternative to the current hair (didn’t use cards but it’s at least polys).

I think I like the old one better, I’m not aiming for a complete toon style, I want some kind of manga/cg mix, you’re supposed to see that it’s been made in 3d.

I was thinking more along the lines of this character. It looks like hair, although it could still use some work. The polys look better than the particles I think, you just need to alpha map them somehow. I like the short hair style better, but do it in poly’s. Use lots of them.

Well i certainly like this hair better. The material is a bit off but the style of it is great.

One thing though,
is this one a girl? It’s like on the very edge of girl - boy. Really improving on this one however. Keep it up!

Guess you were right (as always), It looks much better now.

Note that it’s not finished yet, the geometry of the hair still need’s a LOT of work.

Btw, it’s a boy.