Manga creation thread

Me and my friend are creating a manga, and will layout the scenes using blender, as well as use a recently (as in just now) rigged character

It will be called

Kaminari Migyumi (or in english, Lightning Migyumi)

It will be about a woman who has lightning powers, and has no clue. It will be tagged under Ecchi, Slice of life, Fighting, Supernatural powers, Comedy, and possibly others :smiley:

The main story is along the lines of this girl with around 5-6 main characters

There will be a serious and dark master of chinese martial arts (boy character) His dumbass friend a moi-tai fighter from korea, the japanese girl (who has lightning powers-migyumi) and migyumis friend- a boyish kinda girl whos outgoing, and possibly a perverted boss :smiley:

i JUST rigged the character along with a face retopo that i need some critiques and pointers on. 1st image is face retopo, 2nd is the actual characters body.

Also any tips on how to achieve a drawn look with the characters outline? Like Sketchup type look or whatnot? I will be laying out all the scenes without color, so color doesnt matter, but I want a drawn look to it right off the get go, so tips pointers critiques!

also on the face, I only retopoed the eyes and mouth to suit. the character will only be a place mat, and will not affect the final very much other than body shape. Even then I will probably draw out sections of the body personally, to get the best effect

You might be able to pull this off in a toon render setting.

look into Freestyle for Blender for edge rendering.