Manga Factory DVD

what about making a
Manga factory DVD ? :smiley:

yeah , Creature Factory name knockoff :evilgrin: …

the manga above is made by me , actually there are many goals in my mind …

1- Gain money , so i can buy a PS3 and a new PC .
2- support Blender
3- to be self dependant and have some experience in web business

the medium will be video lectures …

the manga we will be creating will be a lot much better than the one above :cool:

what do you think guys ?

I am already looking over my screen… must be somewhere more above than i thought or am i missing a link here? :slight_smile:

do this work ?

No, it does not. It seems your web-page structuring is quite messed up. (Yet still, i found some picture removing the final part of your adress “Final_Manga.jpg”, strange)

But the idea, it is good. Anime and manga are effective, easy and expressive methods to tell a story.

As I yesterday worked with my artist mannequin, i’ll show him here:

Looks like he is a bit waiting someone to put him a manga eyes and nose, doesn’t he? It is still quite a lot work, and a “manga factory” would be really worth having it.

fixed the link , it should work now , great , do you think if i made a website with paypal donations , in case the DVD would be free torrent , would the donations worth it ?

aren’t paypal donations more ethical since there are a lot of blenderheads who can’t pay a lot … and yet want to learn …

i want to use google’s page hosting , but the files through torrent , and images through (still thinking)

Great Job 3D “g”. Now you have another purpose. Hopefully this idea goes really far!

the last manga workshop :slight_smile:

what do you think guys of the DVD idea , …

any tips/ Suggestions ?

I think you should get better at modelling first. There are quite a few problems with the face and hands that I can see, and your lighting and materials are very basic. It’s a cool idea though. :slight_smile:

Speaking of advanced anime techniques in blender, I stumbled across a very detailed tutorial on using normal paint and nodes to define the areas that get shadows/highlights in a toon shaded render, the results look fantastic. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it and I can’t find the website with a google search (possible because the site was primarily in japanese if i remeber correctly).

Has anyone else seen this page?

I think you should start with publishing an index.html about what you are thinking to include. Then you can go adding a film strip after another, with the html-page functiating as an menu. Maybe the others would be interested in helping too. Here comes some of my ideas:

what about creating a fan art of this digimon series character ? :smiley:


If you’re looking to raise funds, then I think using an existing character might land you with some legal hurdles. I know it would just be fan art, but legally I think it would be a lot safer and easier in the long run to just come up with your own character, or get someone who does manga-style drawing to let you use one of their original creations. The odds of you being permitted to use a Digimon character are slim to none, but the odds that one of the various artists on, say, Deviant Art or some similar site might let you use their character in a project like this seem pretty reasonable. At least to me.

At any rate, if you plan to make money with this project, it would be best to assume that anyone else involved in the project would need a cut of the money. If you come up with the character yourself you won’t need to worry about this issue at all.

@ Postmadern Boy: How long ago was it since you visited that page? Could it be in your history? I only ask because that does sound like a very interesting technique and I’ve been looking into some NPR cel-shading techniques, but have found most of the cel-shading solutions I’ve come across to be less than ideal for my purposes. I’d love to check it out. I might go hunting for that site myself if you can’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

i hate to be involved in legal issues , allright , i can’t make my own new well-made manga …

i think i’m talented at robots more than manga :eyebrowlift:

i once created this bunny-robot , on the fly …

what do you think guys , ?

Create three boys and three girls. Dont give them any details at first, no hair, no clothes, no colors. Just six basic types of characters, kind a human prototypes. They will work as your concept later adding hairs and clothes and skin color, etc.

If you have a Artist Mannequin at your desk, it would be very good. If you dont have, go buy one, mine was 10 euros, and it is worth it. Just follow his/her proportions, so you get your own personalized models and no-one other’s.

We’ll keep you doing this, don’t even think doing something other!

i agree with that

great , but this bunny bot would be awesome too :slight_smile:

the digimon character has already been done quite well by another blenderhead on these forums.

I fully agree with what Snifix and migero said too. But if I were you, I’d create some more, just to get better at topology and human proportions first. You’ll need to do a LOT better than your monica model for this to work. Ow and the bunny bot would also profit from this.

so you think i have to create my own manga ?
ummm …

creating my own manga on paper for now … :slight_smile: [Trying]

check out , minor updates …