Manga-fied myself (2D)

Hey folks

so i took a photo of myself with my phone and see if i could trace over it in a certain style and rendering it in cell form. Took me a while but i think it worked out alright. I tried to go BLAME! (especially with the hair) style but dont know how close i came. Fcuk knows what im gonna do for the background. Any ideas? was thinking of throwing this in at cgtalk, but i wanna refine it some more. crits and comments welcome :slight_smile:

Well, the drawing style is undoubtably strong. You really have a good command of that. However, it’d be interesting to see the source material to get an idea of the likeness you were shooting for.

As for a background, why not a mangafied version of the street outside of your house/apartment?

Ok, heres the original photo. Had to do one of those “Im a badass” looks from animes and mangas. God it looks ridiculous in real life.

The outcome is a far cry from the original though. I used a different hairstyle than the photo (i usually change it when i go out to places around friday/saturday nights). I looked to Killy (from BLAME!) for guides on how to make the hair more interesting. And the eyes arent white Im afraid :slight_smile:

Hmm, i suck at environment drawing. Maybe I’ll take a photo of the city and blur it and add those halo-like effects to the lightsources being blurred (dunno what its called. It was some cray long named effect), and use that as a background. If all else fails i probably will have a look drawing up my own street.

it lookls very cool…but unfortunatly doesnt look like the photo at all