Manga Geisha

This is my lastes work in blender. The concept art is based on a character of the manga Samurai X (Kenshin en España). The character is Ayumi (Shisio’s girlfriend).
Ayumi is a geisha. The background is based in one you can see in film Memories of a Geisha.
C&C are welcome.
Thanks for viewing.


For the scene I based on this image of Memoirs of a Geisha film.


That’s really good. :slight_smile:

The character’s pose looks a bit stiff since her column doesn’t curve at all, and the lighting is a bit odd since the character seems to be receiving a strong white light and a soft yellow one over her, but the scene doesn’t seem affected by the white light and only some yellow light look present, besides that it looks really good.

This looks quite good.

The hands are a little stiff. Hands tell such a story on their own, especially for a Geisha.

I like the rope texture around her waist. I don’t know how I would go about texturing something like that myself. Or maybe it’s modelled?

The rope is modelled, is very following a tutorial by Jonathan Williamson in CGCookie. It’s a very easy tutorial and the result is great.