Manga Girl hair modeling

I’m having trouble setting up the hair for my manga girl model. I’m trying to set the hair up to use a softbody or cloth simulation so that when I pose the model for a still-shot I can have a natural look to the hair. However, whenever I set it up as a cloth simulation, the hair tubes deflate and wrinkle. Whenever I setup it up as a softbody simulation, the hair slides out of the head while some ends of the hair sink and expand.

Although I have the hair as a mirror mesh, I tried doing it after applying the mirror and get similar results.

I want the hair tubes to retain their volume and act like locks of hair. I’m not sure what to do at this point except to try particle hair. However, when I tried that before, I couldn’t get the particle hair to be smooth and it came out shaggy. Also, the outlining was pretty poor.

– Jonathan


For the soft body you need to make some vertex’s as goals so that it knows to keep those as the “stay put” place. I’d suggest the tube part right inside her head.

Then you’d need them to collide with each other. Then you’d need them to collide with her body.

It’s a lot of CPU power and could take a while.

Thanks! With your input, I managed to solve part of the problem. I tried a cloth simulation with a pinned base but i used the leather preset values and increased the air option to 3.0 and spring option to 35.0. The hair stays solid and moves nicely; however, the air bounces about at the end of the motion a little too much. I’m going to try to play around with the spring and mass options to reduce the bouncing. Any suggestions on how to reduce the bouncing?

In order to reduce calculation time, I’m calculation the simulation up to the current frame after setting up the poses and then baking it. Originally, I setup the meshes to be subsurfed at level 2 in the view and at render. I changed that so that in the view the meshes are not subsurfed and do the calculations in the view and bake the results. Is that a good method to use, or is there a better approach? Will I be able to use links and proxies with this model and still use the above method when I pose the character and then bake the results before rendering?


I;m not sure if you can link them. If you can that would help me a lot. :slight_smile: