Manga or Anime shading?

First things first, I would like my result to end up like the attached image. Not that exact character, I just want that shading (and required lighting) If someone has something like this could they post a .blend? most anime / manga shading i’ve seen rendered with blender has been really soft, not sharp / abrupt. I have freestyle, but have no clue how to use it, and I can’t quite get the correct shading using toon… screenshot or .blend or perhaps a tutorial please!!


I have a couple of ripped DBZ characters in my arsenal of files that are toon shaded, but I have no idea how to post files. Just help me out with that and we’re good to go!

check the thread ‘maid-san’, which I think is in finished projects, and probably the gallery as well. I think there is an included tutorial, and the toon shading is probably the best I have seen so far.

The particular style you posted, especially with the nice black outlines is close to impossible to achive with blender only and its edge tool. Cellshading/Toonshading can achieve the shading though.

I´d suggest to look in the cartoon shaders of Freestyle:

You can also google for “blender Freestyle integration”
IIRC there are also blender freestyle builds on

This might also be of interest:

Found how to get the wanted results, it involves using ramps with constant and result selected. If anyone requests I can post an example blend

For anyone who wants to see the results I got, check out