I’m going to put this in a WIP. I call her MangaChick. It is the result of many years of toying with Blender. It is by far the most complete character I’ve ever made. It is very far from finished, but given what I’ve learned I’m already very happy with it. I recently started a sketchbook thread and posted a picture of this model and said that it had been on the back burner. I have a problem where I keep tweaking on the mesh, and couldn’t seem to get far without a mirror modifier. Anyhow, I got disgusted with that and pulled it back onto the front burner, applied the mirror modifier, brought together the bits I knew about armatures, learned to set up actions and drivers, etc, etc…

The mesh is about 7,200 quads(and 4 tris that I still need to knock out).

It is a very minimalist IK/FK rig. It uses a whole-body mesh deform with bones only driving the fingers.

I don’t have reliable net access, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post updates, but if you would leave a comment, I can reply “Thanks for the comment” from my phone. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the basics of an outfit started. For the moment, I’m happy with the shoes, the skirts better than I expected, and the shirt has a whole lot of work left to do. Right now I call it her Sta-Puft marshmallow shirt.

For simplicty sake the shoes and socks are modeled as part of the base mesh. That was my intention from early on, and is part of why her feet and ankles were so messed up in the first renders. I knew they were going away.

My focus at the time is to get clothes that animate relativily well. As I go along I’m building a todo list, and what face animations I had built were messed up and had to be scrapped.

Still have to figure out how I’m going to handle the hair.

Here’s the outfit from a couple days ago, being built in a seperate file.

And brought into the main file, and linked up to the rig.

Just a tiny(320x480 1.5M) quick(4 sec) avi looking at the skirt deformation.

Still lots of room for tweaking there.

Got a long way to go.

Aha! Manga Chick has arrived! :slight_smile: I know next to nothing about characters/rigging, but looks like you don’t need my help anyway LOL. Nice work! :smiley:

Kawaii. And she has a much more realistic figure than most anime or manga chicks have. Which probably means she is a friend of the main character or somebody’s sister. Anyway, the poses and deformations look good. The only suggestion I have is to change the pure white clothing to some very faint tint of some color, like blue or red. Not enough to be noticeably colored, just not that unnaturally pure white.
Good job.

Cool, nicely done. Only can say that giving here blouse some folds would add to the realism. Easier done then said I know.