Mangaesque female character ~:Updated 27/1/06:~

Hi, this is based on Motoko Kusanagi from the Manga film “Ghost in the shell” here’s a reference pic
here’s my effort

I would love to know what your opinions are as to how I can improve.
Thanks for looking

It looks really good, and the style is very fitting. The face is modeled well, but the pose it is set in is a little too extreme I think. Making it not so contorted might help out a little. The position of the left hand on the gun also seems a little awkward, but that’s another minor crit. I can’t really think of any problems with the modelling, and I really like the hair. Very nice work.


I would definately change the face expression because it doesn’t fit her character in the movie or in the show. She is usually very composed and not quite so extreme when she does show emotion on her face.

Very nice!

A few minor things:

Her face seems a little wide, and the expression is rather extreme. Try giving her that unimpressed face she has in the picture. She seems to have that a lot in the film, I think it will get her to look more fitting.


It’s like Motoko Kusanagi meets Chucky’s bride.
In fact this manga is quite unusual because the characters seem to be totally apathic in contrast with usual manga’s.

Like your avatar, it’s that freak from Itchy the Killer :]

Thanks for your replies.

Making it not so contorted might help out a little. The position of the left hand on the gun also seems a little awkward

veach: Thanks. Yes I agree that the left hand looks a little odd. Is the contortion at the shoulder area?

Ian.C & Streen: Thanks. I will give her a more blase expression.

vliegtuig: :wink:

I completely agree the posted comments and I would also say that maybe the mouth should be smaller.
The shape of the eyes doesn’t fit either the one of the model. In the model the top line of the eyes is straight in the inner and goes down in the outer part. Your model is down - up - down.
%| I hope u understand what i mean.

Thanks for your advice taken everything onboard, here’s the update, I think it is getting there, used .png this time :wink:

Thanks for looking,

No problem your English is much better than my Spanish :expressionless:

Her face looks a lot better now. One thing that bothers me, though I’m not sure why, is her hair seems to at a quick angle up, then down making it look like she has moose (or gel) in her hair. The hair strands are fine, just the…largeness, I suppose is what is getting me. Also maybe take a quick look-see at her eyebrows. They go down almost to her nose. The length and angle are both kind of extreme.


Very good although her eyes aren’t looking where her gun is pointing, or vice versa. Her eyes seem slightly wide but it doesn’t look out of place with the pose you have going. From just looking at it, she appears to be suprised by something, which is why her gun would be pointed down and to the side as opposed to up in front of her chin.

Overall, right now, I like it, though you can do better. Once you’ve created something, it takes just as long to polish it. Keep it up.

Looking much better!

The eyes at the moment are curved at the top and quite straight at the bottom. It looks like you have made this less so in the update, and it looks better but I think you should do it more.

I hope this pic helps explain what I mean:

This is only a minor thing, I just think it will just help with the expression on her face.

The model is looking good, maybe have a go at putting in some dramatic lighting.


Thanks for the replies.

IanC: I’ll work on that, thank you.

Streen: Good call on the eyebrows I’d forgotten to adjust them :-? . I’ll play with the hair a bit, currently trying something a little different, will post if I’m happy with it.
With the scenario, in my minds eye she has sighted her target and is in the process of moving her gun up to take a shot. Thanks for your advice.

she is holding the weapon in an extremely controlled way, but is not even really paying attention to it, it’s like she’s forgotten about it. IMO she should have it higher up, with her chin tucked in looking down the sight.

Different pose this time, please let me know what your opinions are.

Thanks for looking,


you have to make her look more suspicious, now she looks like a doll that looks to her gun not through her gun. Something like this… :wink:

Although, not very important, but try changing the color of her hair to the one in your reference. Open gimp or Ps if you use it and color pick at the purple in the hair.

I would also recommend a lighter skin tone for the face. It looks to dark in comparison to the reference at the moment.

agreed, she also looks far too surprised, hahaha.

Thanks for your replies,
I’m taking this one back to the drawing board, I’m getting weird results in posing the character, I think it has something to do with my edge loops. Will post again when and if I’m happy.