Mango Quadbot

Hey all,

I just went to re-check over the release notes for 2.63 and noticed that the image for cycles had been replaced with a Quadbot from Mango.

It looks awesome and I want one!!! Wasn’t sure if anyone else had mentioned it yet, as it was just uploaded today, check it out…

this is very good texturing since they are using gimp. if they could used Mari he would look even more realistic.

the quadbot is proof that blender is now on top-

possible splash screen for 2.63???

I love it! I love it even more now that I know the method I used to make the worn out paint for my model for the Mixamo contest stands some ground. Though it doesnt reach the quality of the quadbot Im proud I did it completely in Blender.

I want one for a pet.Please. Thank you.

yess!! +100

Sorry, but I actually disagree. It seems that splash screens are more complete scenes than that, but whatever they decide is fine with me.

Anyway, that looks fantastic! I am so looking forward to the movie.