Manipoulating vertices wih python?

It’s possible, with a python script, add vertices, erase vertices, make faces???
If there is a manual page please :slight_smile:
Bye bye

while the game engine is running?

the proper method to mess with meshes in the game engine is two things:

  1. unable to do that
  2. very annoying

also, the Blender.NMesh module probably cannot be used as you’d like in the game engine [it doesn’t exist in the plugin/player and only takes effect after a scene change], you are pretty much out of luck.

the getVerts or whatever in the game engine only allows you to move verticies and change vertex colors. Face connections and face count [or vertex count] cannot be changed, and the changes made do not apply to the collision mesh.

there is a bunch of documentation [including gameblender 2.34 python docs] at the following address: