"Manipulate Object Centers Only" button missing?!?

I just started with Blender, and I’m going through the “Blender Foundations” book. At the bit where we build the feet of a chair, the book says to use the “Manipulate Object Centers Only” button. But I couldn’t find it. Searching on the Net I found a video of someone showing it’s use (or more precisely, how to turn it off), and I can see it in the video, but on my Blender (2.60) it’s just not there.

So how do I get it, and is there some shortcut key (which was not mentioned in the book, unfortunately) that does the same?

This button ?


Yes, exactly. Here is a screenshot of mine, where it’s missing.
It should be between Pivot and 3D Manipulator, kind of like grouped together with Pivot.

You are in edit mode. To use “Manipulate only center points” you must be in object mode.

Oh. You’re right. But the “Blender Foundations” book says that I should use it to move feet of the chair apart (with Proportional Editing Mode), on top of page 88. It says literally: “The effect works both in Object mode and Edit mode”, so does that mean that it’s a “deprecated functionality” 2.60? Is there any other way of moving parts of a mesh away from each other, without at the same time resizing them?

Remember that the Blender Foundations book was actually written when blender 2.5 was still in an early beta stage, whatever the books title may imply. What they assumed when they wrote the book may in fact not be true in reality.

I think the book is talking about Proportional Editing (O) and actually it works in both modes.

I’m having the same problem as skunkiferous. I found the button in object mode but i can’t select the faces I need to in that mode. Ive tried proportional editing on it as well and that doesn’t work either. ???