"Manipulate Object Centers Only" in Edit Mode is scaling the selected Faces

I am working my way through “Blender Foundations” By Roland Hess. According to my understanding he comments that while in Edit mode one can us the “Manipulate Object Centers Only” button to select several faces scale them apart without affecting the size of the actual faces.

If I use “Manipulate Object Centers Only” on distinct objects in object mode such a scaling occurs.

However, when I attempt to scale several distinct faces apart in edit mode with “Manipulate Object Centers Only” on, the size of the faces are scaled as well.

I was wondering what I may be doing wrong and if there are other tools to accomplish this.

I’ve run into the exact same thing. I’ve tried various pivot center and transform orientation options w/o success. The function seems to work as expected in Object Mode, but not Edit Mode. I couldn’t find anything relevant in the bug tracker.

Same problem here I’ve done all the experimentation that a guy on chapter 4 of a fundamentals book can do and it still scales the faces along with the distance between them. Thanks in advance to whoever answers this.

BTW I’m using linux mint 10 could this be a linux specific issue???

I don’t believe such a thing is possible. ‘Manipulate Object Centers Only’ only applies to changes in object mode, since it’s manipulating the object center or origin. In edit mode the object center is untouched.

Sorry for ressurecting this old thread, but is there a way to achieve the behavior of Manipulating Object Centers Only in edit mode? To scale a distance between selection isles without changing the proportions of those isle for example.

All I can think of is separating the mesh pieces in single objects (P -> Selection or By Loose Parts) and do it in object mode. Afterwards join it back with Ctrl+J