manipulating background

I asked this before I need to know how to move my background to where i want it. I know it has something to do with nodes, what I need is a qucik step by step.


If you’re talking about Background Image (View >> Background Image) then you use X and Y OffSet arrows in that tab. If not then please explain what you mean by background.


Yeah, I should have been more specific. the image in the background that is rendered.
The image in that I place in the back buffer. It does not render where I want osmetimes to low
I need a step by step so I can move the rendered image back, forth, up down, I was told nodes,
if other let me know if you know. Right now I added a plain and slapped a texture on that so I can
move it where i want.


As I said you use the OffSet Arrows, X to move left and right and Y to move up and down, that’s it. There was a bug in one of the previous releases where OffSet and Size didn’t work; maybe you have that build?


There are offset arrows? where? I am speaking 0f pressing F10 then going to back buf
and loading that image. I can’t see any arrows there. I have 2.42 downloaded about three months ago so i am not sure if I have what you are refering to.


Using your “plane-image” is probably the simplest solution.

If you want to use the node compositor, there is new section on the wiki documenting them with lots of examples.

I’ve attatched a screen grab of a simple node setup that will do what you want.

Here’s the blend file :


The offset arrows for the backround image is in the View/Background Image 3d viewport, which is not what you want as it won’t render, it’s used for having a reference available.


Mike, that was exactly waht I needed, I fooled around with it and worked very easily