Manipulating (e.g. rotating) a linked model


New to the forum, and reasonably new to Blender - Loving it so far.

I’m wondering if there is some way to manipulate a linked object (from another Blender file). I model cars, and do some components separately so they can be imported into other cars (e.g an engine that I want to use in multiple cars). Each car has a slightly different engine tilt angle, so I need to be able to rotate the linked components to suit the body I’m doing. Is this possible, or do I have to just copy & paste the engine in and then re paste it it in if i make changes to the original?

Cheers in advance.

I just append parts of other projects, so I can manipulate them as I wish without changing anything in the original project.

You may look into the Docu for Linkl & Append, Proxies and Library Overrides.

You can either make a library override or simply link a whole collection instead of an object.

It might make sense to simply link the collection because engines tend to consist of more than one object. The linked collection is then treated as a single object and you can transform it without library override.
In case you want to change something within the collection - for example remove the oil container lid - you can use a library override on the linked collection.

Unfortunately some things like Materials for example can not be overriden at the moment. But the possibilities overrides offer increase every Blender release.

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the answers, I’ve started just appening them for now - this more or less does what I need. I’ll look into the Link & Append , Proxies and Library Overrides, as I’d still like the links to update from the original file, and I’m hoping the above will provide some answers.

Thanks again