Manipulating faces along mutiple normals?

Is it at all possible to select multiple faces, and scale/extrude/rotate/other them along each face’s respective normal? I got used to being able to do this in Wings3d, and I miss it - really nice for modeling hard geometric objects.


The Widget (hand icon in header) offers Local, Global, View and Normal. GG, SS, and RR are local where G, S and R are Global. Dot, Comma (on the keyboard) and both with Shft and Ctrl offer Pivot Points (icon in 3D viewport header) for 3D Cursor, Object, Median, Individual Center and Bounding Box Center.


Fligh: That might help in some cases, but not if one want to do something along each face’s respective normal as keifer stated.

I’m afraid there is not such thing in Blender yet. The closest thing i’ve found so fas is the [Alt][S] command.


  • Select a bunch of faces
  • Extrue [E] + Abort
  • Scale with [Alt][S]

A real “offset” extrude (think: simialr to the way Wings3D handles extruding) would surely be of help in those cases.


Select as many faces as you like > E > Individual Faces. E > Region. Period “.” key will cause them to transform around the 3D cursor. Comma key “,” will center transforms around the group’s center. And everything else Fligh said. As far as rotating (spinning) them in place, I think you’re out of luck unless you do it individually. It’s not rocket science, just Blender. You’ve gotta work with what you have.