Manipulating Physics and scales in game (Plus a clipping issue)

Is there a way to create a slider which the user would be able to use to modify the slope of an incline or the gravity in a specific area?

I don’t see any option in the logic bricks to allow the user to control the physics of a game.

I know that with some F curves I would be able to have a slope move as a slider moved, but I don’t really know how to set up the logic.

Another issue I have is that the player is able to clip through objects I set as Static. Rigid bodies and Dynamic Bodies they cant, but If I do that with say the floor, I cant get it to stay on a static platform below it, because it clips through. What am I doing wrong here?

Any help is appreciated Thanks!

1 - rotation IPO would change the incline of a slope
2 - gravity can be changed by a Python script. see
2b - gravity in a specific area - not possible. But you could write a script that adds forces to objects within your specific area.
3 - clips through? I have no idea what you are doing, so I can’t help.

Thanks so much for the response on the gravity question, I have spent so much time trying to manipulate the physics of Blender in game. This saves me a HUGE headache.

Just 2 things.
I know a rotation IPO will change the slope, but how can a I map the movement of an IPO to a slider. I know I can do it with buttons, which I may just end up doing, but what about a slider?

When I say clipping, it reffers to passing through an object that should be solid. IE there is a slope near a place I want to be impassible, but you can get around that area by running into slope at full speed, and you manage to go through the slope, without falling. This is because it is static and not dynamic or rigid. The doors work the same way. If you back into them, you can pass right through them.

Now i just need a scripting tutorial :>

Thanks so much!

Are you using force or dloc for movment? Also what bounds are you using to calculate the collisions?

I was actually using Dloc for movement, I should probably be using force… problem is when I set it to force, it doesn’t move.

For collisions if I set any bounds for the ground to anything but triangle mesh, it goes crazy and rotates all over the place, and if I set the collision bounds to box for the Doors, it doesn’t really stop the player from clipping through.

Edit: Well I changed my cube to a sphere and I can move it with force, but if I try to parent the camera to it to follow it as it moves, the sphere stays still as the camera moves around the sphere.

Edit 2: Well… I changed the sphere back to a cube, but I can’t get it to move with force or linV control. Even worse, now I can only rotate the cube because even set as a Dynamic or Rigid body, no physics effects it. I put it up in the air, and when I hit P, it doesnt fall. Wow Im confused…