Manipulator singel click on the handles doesnt work anymore in blender version 2.6x?

Hi I have a question about the manipulators.
In version 2.4x it was possible to singel click left mouse button then move the mouse around to see the effect then another left mouse button to confirm or right mouse to cancel. In version 2.6x when I tried to use the manipulator I can only click and hold. I miss this function from version 2.4x Is there a reason why this function has been removed or have the developers forgot to include this in version 2.6x?

User prefs > Input > 3D View > 3D View (Global) > 3D Manipulator > Confirm on Release


Thanks alot! I have tried so hard looking for this in the wiki. Was not easy to find. I think this option should have been unchecked by default like the way it was before.

hmm… After further investigation I find the manipulator doesnt work like it used to in 2.4x If I uncheck the confirm on release I no longer have the option to click and hold to make the change permanent upon releasing the left mouse button. I have to choose one of the methods. Why can’t both options be available at the same time like before? I see no conflict in allowing both method at the same time like it used to be in 2.4x?