Manitex Crane

My latest work…

Used Pro-Lighting: Skies and The Grass Essentials from Blender Guru

High-res renders at:


More renders…

Some clay renders…

Great work on the details. Looks almost realistic. Anyone would be confused been render and real.

How did u do that camera look…

How did u do that camera look… Is this just a film grain?

What a cool truck! The materials and lighting looks great, I love the tires especially. You have a special talent for making machines look beautiful, Sebastian!

these renders look great!
awesome stuff. I bet we’ll see this on the top row in no time

Thank you Sayan_Mondal! :slight_smile:

Hi Mrityunjay B, it has a bit of color grading and color management in Blender for a “filmish” look. hehe

Thanks for the possitive feedback James! I’m glad you love the tires xD.


Thanks a lot Jeepster! That would be awesome! :smiley:

The grill looks a little too clean/chrome. But damn this is such a sick render!

Fantastic Sebastian! Lovely work as usual :slight_smile:

So much work in the details - this is so real it’s amazing. The tyres especially are mind-blowing (although I do agree that maybe the chrome grille surround is a little on the clean side… :))

Hi ColossalCake, thank you so much. It might be a little bit clean but I noticed the cleanest part was the grill in the references I got.


Thank you very much Andrew, great to know that “as usual” haha, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks VenomousTBag for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Great work man, this is absolutely great!! Keep it up! +5 You should be in the top row!

Is it legal to make renders this realistic? Amazing, bro. Nice job. :smiley: