Manitex Crane

you do some pretty slick stuff, man. awesome truck.

Congratulations !!! I think you are ready to apply for a job at FORD :wink:

Nice photo! ;):eek:

Really nice work, congrats! I only wonder where`s the “Manitex”-logo on the crane beam in the topmost render?

As a sidenote: I imagine it might be a matter of non-compliance to the safety precautions in operating such a truck, if one lifts the crane beam without having extended the hydraulic supports before :).

greetings, Kologe

Certainly, a highly detailed and illustrative model such that could be used in a catalog or product-demonstration video for this machine.

The first two shots are “a little soft and blown-out,” though. The lower section of the boom blows-out to white, which wouldn’t be a problem except that the detail of how the various pieces telescope together is being lost, and my eye, at least, zeros-in on that as “a photographic and/or printing error.” There’s “a white spot” over the space where I should be able to see the edge of the outer tube.

A “nit,” though. Manitex Corporation could use a model like this . . . advertising, employee safety and/or operations training videos . . .

I’m glad you pointed that out. I always feel a bit timid about pointing stuff out like that for fear the critique will be taken the wrong way.
With nearly 25 years in the HVAC trade and many hundreds of crane lifts setting equipment on roofs, I can say for sure no responsible crane operator would ever raise the boom with out first setting the outriggers. At least not on a job site, perhaps for a photo shoot? I would need to get some of my crane magazines out and look.

Nice work on the crane. The modeling and rendering are awesome, very well done and deserving of the top row spot.

I don’t think so. Thanks man hahaha!! Cheers!! :slight_smile:

Hahaha That’s awesome! Thank you man!

Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hehehehe :3

I showed my mom this and she thought the top photos were real reference photos that were used for making the clay renders lol.

Oops… Yeah, sorry… I forgot to extend the outtriggers. I think The logo was lost with the overexposure xD

Thank you for your feedback!!! :3

Hi man, thank you very much for the feedback! :slight_smile: Actually these cranes I’m making are for crane operator training courses.


Thank you Ryeath!!! Great to see these kind of criticisms, and yeah… My bad :frowning:


Hahahahaha… That’s funny, often happens xD

From a glance, I literally couldn’t even tell if it was computer generated. This is a gem of craftsmanship and definitely deserves top row.

Nice job, absolutely fantastic … the materials and lightings work is amazing… ( maybe the front grille, as said upper, need a bit of dirt trace, or something like that… )

Wow mate, Thank you very much for those kind words!!! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

That’s ROCK!
Thank you, man! Thank you for this!

Que trabajo tan limpio Sebastian! continua asi, felicitaciones nuevamente por estar en la galeria principal, es un trabajo que deben ver todos!