Mans best friend

(Bogey) #1

This was to be my entry into the
weekend challange, but I left myself toolittle time to finish it by the dead line. it full screen with the room lights off for the full effect.I dont know if ill manage OTH this
year, its been a very long weekend.Cheers,Bogey.

Sorry this has gone down. See the last post.

(Dittohead) #2

put it in a html image please, it makes it easier for the rest of us.

(wewa_juicyb) #3

Real nice man. I like it a lot. Nice lighting. I think you kindda missed out your buddies (dog) crotch though… he seems, sexless… that doesn’t please us pedofiles :wink: . Maybe the dog should have some skin showing.


(Goofster) #4

dude, you do know animal sex is illegal in most countries right?

nice picture though! but lose the spec on the dog and the dude. skin doesn’t reflect THAT much.


(Dittohead) #5

wewa you sick #$%@#$!!!BOGEY
please put the image in an html i can’t view it.

(Bapsis) #6

Due to the canine content of this post, I think what wewa ment to say was …that dosen’t please us (them, not me) poodlefiles. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Bogey) #7

I told you my texturing had gone to crap, but you could have picked Uluru, you the viewer, or fire, the subject of the comp as mans best friend.
The dingo sods off as soon as the food runs out. Its the first time Ive seriously tried to use radiosity and it was night mare tring to get the textures back on without losing the solution. The pose is straight out of some old school nature text book, so it should get past the censors.
Anyway glad you liked it. Sorry that Im not sure how to put it in HTML.
I will check it out. Have you tried just cut and paste.

Cheers for now,


(Dittohead) #8

i now get this message:

The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire’s Term of Service.

angelfire is AD DRIVEN you are supposed to place your pics in an html page, so they can add ads to the page.(the server does it itself.)

this restriction is not there in .

(Bogey) #9

Thanks for letting me know. I dident bother reading all that stuff when I made the page a couple of weeks ago. I was in a rush to post a pic for a comp, and as it was still up I thaught it was ok. Ill spend a day making
a new site, (dont expect owt flash, Im crap at that stuff) and I’ll repost
later on. Its time I put it all together anyway. Plus there’s loads off stuff
I havent posted before.