Here is my job, i know textures look awfully on the edges. I don’t know how to good unwrap them. :slight_smile:

Rendered with Cycles.

Some update. :slight_smile:

Your piece could benefit from some asymmetry and decayed camera angle, plus value contrast (darker and cooler tones in the foreground, with a very sharp light cutting in the middle plane for example).

For your uvs, there isn’t much to be done as is, it pretty much boils down to modeling in your case : your visual seams are simply due to the ~90° angles in your meshes. You could bevel some edgeloops here and there and model some more details, or use displacement in order to sort this out.

What are you planning on doing with this? Are you keeping it low poly for a game? The updated picture looks good.

I know, i like it keep symmetric between both sides and it’s killing me. I will try sometime to make it asymmetry. I would like to remodel walls because i used to much vertexes for displacement and this render take for 2 hours. Thx for the critic.:slight_smile:

Frobenius.Edge it’s simple still image for wallpaper. I’m trying to make realistic textures on Cycles. :slight_smile: