Manta (alien frigate)

hey guys, just thought i should try my hand at an alien ship. it is called the manta for obvious reasons and i do intend to add detail. just thought i should post it. let me know what you think! thanks! (this is my first ever organic thing…EVER. so sorry if it dosent look too good:o)


im trying to make some aliens to go with this. if anybody wanted to know.

wy do i get the feeling nobody wants to reply. anyway, i will carry on with updates. i have finished the aliens basic leg

It’s interesting, you should work on UV texturing these things. There’s a lot that you can do with a texture to really give an alien appearance. Right now it just looks like it’s made out of aluminum,

I think any 3d work should be half modeling and half texturing. Otherwise it takes too long to model and render. Save yourself some time and effort, invest in an interesting UV texture. Perhaps with some Alpha transparency and some interior details or a glow map. It’d really add to the overall feel of an alien ship.

Yea, I think that with a texture this thing could really go somewhere. Right now it just looks like a harpoon head (a nice one though :D) But you could make it photo-real with textures. You never really see photo-real models without textures right? At least I don’t. Good luck!

ok thanks for the tip guys, i will probably have to look into uv texturing more, dont really know alot about it right now

Not everybody has as much time as you on your hands so give people at least a day to answer your thread before complaining that nobody is answering. Afterall this is a forum and not a chatroom :wink:

umm sorry :oi guess i do have to much time…

well, uv mapping is faster than i thought, and i wish i had been able to use it earlier. i love this!


updated the lighting on the render so you can see it better and now you can see little aliens (that are still in progress)


holy crap that’s awesome.

ohhh thanks!

ok so i am starting on the carapace and its coming on nicely but i need you guys opinions on what colour or have a good texture i should use on them. the colour i have on it now looks silly!


updated the carapace colour. now anice healthy green.


The new material is much better and looks very nice. Are you planning on doing something with this or is it just for modeling?

i might animate it and if i learn the game engine might stick it in a game, all depends on how much time i have.

anyway, i have started to make some fighters for it, these turned out alot better with the uv mapping because i made the seam before i started deforming.


a quick scene i did for fun! :wink: between human and alien fighters


I love the little alien fighter! Great job with the ‘carapace’, too. Are you going to make a beam, bullet or otherwise allow it offensive attacks? If so, I would love to see it.

well, if you are talking abou attack methods i was thinking of like acid sprays and bombs, i am actually working on those effects right now, i will be able to show you soon. oh and thanks!

here is a test animation of a fighter i did not long ago (my first public animation, woooo!)