Mantaflow add-on won't load on Blender version 2.93


I’m currently trying to make a rocket ship explode, for an upcoming film of mines, and I decided to give mantaflow a try because the work i’ve seen with mantaflow is amazing. So I downloaded the add-on for Linux, and when I install it to my addon preferences, it says the install in blender was successful, but it doesn’t show. Even when I search it up in my add-on preferences, it doesn’t show any results. Do you think you can help me? I can attach the .blend file if you need me to.

Blender has a Mantaflow implementation, you don’t need to install anything.
You must be referring to a commercial add-on, which provides support on the site where it is sold. Have you asked there?

I can install the add-on to my computer, but when I put it into blender, it won’t load

the site I used is

Blender natively has that Mantaflow implementation, Fluid (Gas/smoke, liquid). You don’t need to install anything. Although that does not mean that in Blender all the features have been implemented yet, nor does it mean that you can achieve what the Mantaflow site shows (I mean, I’m not sure what Mantaflow site shows in their sample videos).
You search Youtube for tutorials:

Even you don’t need to include the word “mantaflow” in the search, whatever tutorial you find from Blender 2.83 to 2.93+ will be using Mantaflow implementation

Ok gotcha!