Mantaflow: Cant find the installer?

I am trying to get mantaflow as I’m sick of blender’s fluid sim just quitting in the middle of a bake, but the only things I can find are some source code downloads which are no good. Does anyone know where the runnable installer file can be found?

From official site

mantaflow is an open-source framework targeted at fluid simulation research in Computer Graphics and Machine Learning.

That means that is expected that its audience will accept to compile its sources in order to obtain an executable.
Official team assume that targeted audience does not need a runnable installer.

After downloading sources, by following instructions of this page, you should end up with a working executable.

That is really specific to narrow field of Computer Graphics and narrower field of simulation of fluids.
I don’t know if anyone did bother to provide installation packages for such specific audience.

To my knowledge, integration of mantaflow in Blender is the only tentative to democratize it.
If Blender quits in middle of a bake, that might be because you asked too much to your hardware or because of a bug.
You have to share settings of your scene to have a clue or help to improve support of mantaflow in Blender.

Can you / someone else just make it into an exe or blender ready mod zip and share it thanks? I have no knowledge of these “compiler” programs and do not trust programs that I dont know what they do.

Surely they should just have an install-ready version for people that aren’t actually hardcore programmers?