Mantaflow foam particles not showing

hi , im using blender 2.8.2 which has mantaflow by default
so i made a cup full of fluid and dropped an object in it to get splashes, the fluid looks fine but i want to have foam or bubble and when i check either of them and bake the particles for them nothing new shows on the viewport, they are included in the particle section however.
thanks in advance.

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:point_up_2: same propblem here i have the last 2.82a from today (12 March/2020) and its still not working , it does not show up if I render,.here are my settings:

Mantaflow works properly.
Spray foam n bubbles are pure particles and you must assign an object n shader to them. A metaball or icosphere for example or anything not possible in real world.
And it is quite powerful.

Many people makes the mistake to say something is not working due lack of knowledge with Blender. Believe me that this incredible app works better than you think and is superior in many ways to other well known industry apps.

Here are some possible reasons for the particles not showing…

  • simulation resolution to low
  • objects too small
  • worldscale is wrong


ow thanks got it now

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