Mantaflow - Gaps in mesh fluid. Tips please!

Hi all

I’m just after some tips on how to improve the quality of the mesh on a fluid sim. I’ve attached a grab of the problem and the domain settings.
Basically I have a collision object emerging up out of some fluid. I have the resolution set to 224. Its a 300 frame sim that takes about 3 hours to bake.
On play back there are a load of gaps in the mesh. The fluid behaves okay but the mesh tends to ‘pop’ because there are gaps in it.
Clearly this is all taking a huge amount of time to rebake and re test so if anyone could suggest some other settings that might improve the mesh quality it would be appreciated.


What does the collision object liok like topolagy wise

Lower the overall quality a bit and make the Mesh Upres Factor 3 or 4. Decrease the quality setting in the particle tab by the same amount. Your simulation can speed up this way and small particles can create mesh.

Hi Peter
Thanks for replying

Mesh of the collision ob is like this:

Thanks for replying Hüseyin
I’ll give that a try. I dont have particles switched on (spray, foam etc)… which particle quality setting are you referring to?

Is there a way to post the .blend? I can uusally fix fluid sim stuff.

Hey Peter
Thats such a generous offer. Unfortunately this is quite a client sensitive project so I’ll have to decline. Much appreciated though :pray: :pray:

np. gotta keep the clients happy and secure. I can mock-up something similar if I have time.