Mantaflow is in need for some polishing in Blender

Sorry if i placed the wrong tag to this, but what’s the state of mantaflow fluid ?
Currently its not well really workable for an artist (which is a goal for blender).

Is the development still active if so i’d like to bring the following to attention :

  • the cache needs a clean button, if your working on a domain, or an effector /obstacle/inflow changes must be visible, now one has the switch in between objects to alter resolution of the fluid domain and thereby resetting the cash
  • If one thinks of how we use forces inside blender (the wind arrows etc), it would be ideal to have such an arrow construct to be able to set flow speeds.
  • The inflow menu has a mesh pulldown with a checkmark below it for flat meshes ?.
    With all the new GUI updates, then why not have a pulldown mesh , or flat.
  • Incase of flat how about a emission m/s based upon surface normal direction
  • World scale, no matter the size of the object the waves are wild, well if I fill a teaspoon, a cup of tea, or canal water looks different.
  • obstacles, think of oil Hunny, and cloth vs glass, a fluid can stick a bit to something I’m not sure if this is implemented (the good old particles have stickiness).

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