Mantaflow liquid: Does domain size affect the size of your liquid?

I am making a small scale fluid sim but the liquid looks too big for the scale that I want. Does adjusting the domain size help with this?

What about Real World Size in the Diffusion section?

looks like this setting is missing now, also in the manual. Did they remove it? Is there a way to multiply the scale of the domain without changing its size in the viewport?

Hi, did you find a solution for the missing "Real World Size?

Sorry, but I haven’t used Manta flow much since

iirc, they removed the Real world size but now you can change it by adjusting the size of your domain.

Thanks, I already figured that out but then the water hasn’t the real world size anymore. My workaround now is exporting the final sim as alembic, import it and scale it to the desired size.