Mantaflow liquid simulation doing nothing

Hi all!

I’m dipping my toes into simulations for the first time ever trying to simulate some water flowing and bouncing around. After following a couple tutorials step by step I can’t even get the blue/green particles to show up in the flow object.

I’m using Blender 2.9.3 + Eevee and my computer is quite beefy
Ryzen 9 3900x + 1080ti + 64gb RAM
so my guess is I should at least be able to see the particles slowly moving.

Attached you can see the settings in case I’ve done something obviously stupid…


Still no success, no idea anyone? :frowning:

Try Object > Quick Effects > Quick Liquid with the default cube selected to get a simple simulation just to see something and then compare that to what you have.

EDIT: default scene.

I have the same problem indeed.
clicking “mesh” does not disappear the domain and so mantaflow animation does not work. No any solution for that???

Never managed to fix it so I followed a different approach for the scene eliminating water and called it a day.

You try to share the problematic .blend file here so others can analyze the problem.