Mantaflow Missile Trail Question

Hi all!

I have been attempting to do a missile launch for a personal project, and since this my first time really dabbling with mantaflow, or any fluid solver for that matter, I have run into an issue. For my missile, I parented a piece of circle geo inside the the tail end of the missile. I am using that to emit a particle sim with volumetric shaders for the flame itself, since it will be small and motion blurred.

For the smoke trail, I was hoping to use mantaflow, since the camera will be behind the plane and the smoke trail will envelop it, and I want to get the sort of detail that a true fluid sim can provide. I have the fluid emitter connected to another piece of parented circle geo at the tail end of the missile, and am using the initial velocity of that circle, and a wind effector to blow the smoke back away from the missile. I am quite liking the look I am getting for it, except for one thing. I cannot for the life of me seem to get the sim to be smaller. As seen in the posted images, the smoke is so much larger then the missile body, and billows out way past the sides of the missile. I’ve messed with the strength of the wind, the imparted and initial velocity settings, and the flame smoke settings under the fire panel, just to to try to pare it down. I feel like I’m missing something simple here, but I just don’t know what. The scene is built to a real world scale. The missle is approx. 4 meters long. I’ve been messing around for about 3 days now to no real fix. The blue lines indicate the width I’m trying to get it down to.

Thanks in advance!

I think there is a dissolve setting which fades the smoke by time factor it might help. Also the settings for vorticity and smoke/fire temp and speed. Its alot of trial and error