Mantaflow Noise glitch/bug? (strobing, multicolor smoke)

Im doing a pretty basic smoke sim and whenever I bake the noise, the smoke adds different colors. My smoke domain material has color set to: “Attribute | color” as to read the color from each individual emitters smoke properties and use that. But it seems that whenever Noise is enabled/baked, the colors go crazy.

Currently unable to use Noise and its preventing me from making any usable smoke sims!

Is this improper use on my part or a glitch?

Using Blender 2.90.1
64 Res Domain
2x res Noise
128 light paths (all parameters)

Would be helpful to check the scene file in Q.

New user so I couldn’t upload here, google drive link below!

Can’t help you. Your scene file is incomplete:

No materials with nodes type BSDF_DIFFUSE found
Missing 3 image(s) in the Data
Yay! No missing node links
Path 'D:\blender cache\' not found
Path 'D:\blender cache\' not found
Path 'D:\blender cache\' not found
Path 'E:\2020\10. Oct\sprouter\png seq\screen_1_0001.png' not found
Path 'E:\2020\10. Oct\sprouter\screen_3\tiff seq\screen_3_3840x2160\screen_3_3840x216065825.tif' not found
Path 'E:\2020\10. Oct\sprouter\screen_3\plantrack\screen_3_pt_0001.png' not found
Path 'E:\ASSET LIBRARY\hdri\HDRI Haven\autumn_meadow_1k.hdr' not found
Path 'E:\2020\10. Oct\sprouter\tiff seq\screen_1_1080p\screen_1080p_66534.tif' not found
Path 'E:\2020\10. Oct\sprouter\assets\tracking markers.jpg' not found
Path 'C:\Users\309\Downloads\sprouter screentrack 1 7 blend\sprouter_iconsexplode_1.0.blend' not found
Path 'C:\Users\309\Downloads\sprouter screentrack 1 7 blend\sprouter_iphonex.blend' not found
bpy.context.area.ui_type = 'INFO'

sorry, I should have cleaned up before hand! but all of those are inconsequential to the fluid sim problem at hand. rebaking the smoke domain and noise should recreate the issue.

Well yeah, and nothing similar happens…

sprouter's smoke

is this with Noise enabled? it seems to be with just basic Division. Try with Noise enabled and baked at x2 upres factor, default for other parameters.

it’s up to the specs now…
//(bit late 'cuz I missed your reply)//

strange, I can’t get noise to work without it strobing and messing with the colors. Even on a new project and everything, enabling Noise always makes colors confused between the emitters.