Mantaflow scale

Hey folks!
I’ve been playing around with MantaFlow, and the one issue I’ve been running into is scale.

Just as an example: I built a bathroom using metric units, to make sure everything in the scene was realistically sized. However, when I tried to simulate water flowing out of one of the sinks, the particles were ungodly huge, even with my resolution divisions set to 256. The only way to “Fix” it was to scale the entire scene up by 10. But that just feels wrong, somehow. Having a vanity cabinet that’s 10 meters tall :laughing:

Is there some sort of “simulation scale” setting I’m missing? Or do I really have to crank the resolution divisions even higher than 256. All the tutorials I’ve seen tend to recommend 256 for the final bake, so I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for the help!