Mantaflow simulation world scale

What can I do to make water that behaves like it’s 3 inches as opposed to 3 meters? What I have now is looking like an Olympic swimming pool being dumped and it’s very detailed and splashes around like it fell from 1000 feet. Is there a way to make it look smaller in it’s motion and splashes?

Picture spilling a glass of water and how it behaves when it hits the table. Now picture a 1000 gallon container spilling and the turbulence speed and chaos of that. I’m looking for something more toward the glass of water.

Hope that makes sense.

I’ve only used mantaflow a little and this may not be the correct way to solve your problem. Here’s what I’d do.

Change the viscosity of your liquid to make the splashes look as you want them. Mantaflow diffusion link

When the splashes look correct the motion may look a bit sluggish, speed up your simulation so the motion looks correct. See ‘Time Scale’ in the manaflow settings.