Mantaflow vs OpenVDB

I have simple question as you can see above. i just know about openVDB on internet and i’m very interesting about it, but openVDB not integrated in blender other than that Mantaflow does. So i need an advise should i use openVDB or Mantaflow? Thank you

It is not either or. You can use mantaflow to create openvdb caches or you can import open vdb caches.

Openvdb is a file format. Mantaflow is a simulator that can produce openvdb files.

so it is a same thing?

No. Mantaflow is a simulator. A program that simulates stuff. Mantaflow is a part of Blender.

Open vdb are files. Mantaflow makes open vdb files.

Other programs, for example houdini can also make open vdb files.

You can make open vdb files in Blender with mantaflow and load them in Houdini.

Or you can make open vdb files in Houdini and load them in Blender.

Ohh ok i understand now. Thank you soo much u help me a lot.