Manual arrived today!!!

768 pages of pretty much anything I’ll ever need to know about Blender is now in my hands.
No excuse for bad productions now :wink:

yay the manual is here!!! can’t wait for mine!!!

Are the going to publish it online? I already bought the previous book, and while it helped get me started, overall I found it lacking, and I’d like to have a browse of the new version before I buy (and I doubt I’ll find it in shops).

I couldn’t see it on the blender website. Is this print only?

u mind posting a picture?

What?! Ow, I live in Holland, and I still don’t have it! I’m so impatiënt! Could I possibly have ordered to late? I ordered like the 4th of March. :frowning:

Ooooh, there’s a package for me at the post office! Can it be? The book? Has it finally arrived?

:smiley: Joy joy joy :smiley:

I don’t think so. I know of someone who also ordered it begin march, and he got it the same day I did (we both live in The Netherlands), even though I ordered it in 2003. We both didn’t get a CD though… But, that can be remedied by emailing the blendershop.

Just as Ton shipped the 2.3 manual our national postal service here in Ireland goes on strike. All post boxes have been sealed up and nothing is going in or out. I am heartbroken.

Mine has also arrived :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the hard work editors, this was worth waiting for!!!

Just been sat here with The Book. Been messing around with dupliverts. Thankyou thankyou, the manual is ace.

yeah yeah, in France, the book has arrived!

I called my wife. It’s there!

Umm… I think I’ll leave the office earlier today. :wink:

uh, someone from germany got it.
i think there is a chance that the book is arrived at my place too :slight_smile:

when will it cross the ocean? i hope the first one to receive it in america will say it there. so i can start to shake…

There was a complaint somewhere about poor screenshots in the book. What’s the deal?

WHERE’S MY BOOK!!! [!] [!] [!]

The ox sadly waits in his cave for the postal service which is ALWAYS 5 days late on everything!

May have something to do with the cave. :wink:

Got mine today :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, the German CG press slowly gets aware of Blender.

In the actual issue it was voted to be “sehr gut”, meaning 1 or five stars respectively. :smiley:

What’s the deal? Well, the images are a bit on the bright side. It’s a bit difficult to make them out sometimes. But it’s not a disaster or anything, it’s just a bit inconvenient.

arghhhhhh! what exactly would a “bit” be in percentages :o Can you post an image?

arghhhhhh! what exactly would a “bit” be in percentages Can you post an image?

Hmm, I’m not some walking image-editor, I can’t express it in % :). And I can’t scan it, because I don’t have a scanner. But for example, in the dragon curve-tutorial, a screenshot of a background-image in the edit-window is shown. The dragon on that image in the printed image cannot be made out, it’s just a white plane.

So the tutorial is worthless?? Oh well I’ll have to waite… Thanks for the comeback.